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5 Tips To Help You Prepare To Sell Your Home In 2023

Sell Your Home In 2023

If you’re thinking about selling your hoe this year, this is for you. We want you to be proactive in
the process to ensure your home gets the value it deserves!

  1. Make a list of repairs that need to be made.
    From creaking floorboards to broken screens in windows, it can be easy to forget about little things in the home that need to be fixed. However, when trying to sell your home, it is essential that you identify and make a plan to fix minor things like this. Walk through each room of your home and make a list of what needs to be repaired. Things to look for include bathroom and kitchen cabinets, all faucets and appliances, and all tile, floorboard, and carpet. After you have finished this, draft up a timeline of when you plan to have all the repairs taken care of. The cost of the repair, whether or not you need to hire a professional, and how long it will take to resolve the issue are all things to consider when making a plan.
  2. Clean, clean, clean!
    Time to bust out the cleaning supplies! Cleaning your home for sale is no easy undertaking. Arguably, this is one of the most important steps in getting ready to sell your home. First impressions are everything. Any foul smells, stains on the carpet, or marks on the wall will need to be taken care of. More than just scrubbing down baseboards and carpets, this step also involves decluttering. Specialists say you may need to move up to 50% of the furniture in your home. It might be a good idea to rent a storage unit during this time. Potential buyers need to picture themselves in your home. This can be hard to do when there are family photos, cards, and souvenirs, all over your home. Consider depersonalizing your home so that buyers are able to fully envision themselves living there.
  3. Rearrange if needed.
    Sometimes a little rearranging can go a long way. Do you think one bed might match better in another room? Move it! Small changes like this can really make a big difference. Sometimes as much as moving a couch and tv console can completely transform a space.
  4. Stage your home
    Staging your home has been proven to help sell your home faster and for more money. Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank to effectively stage your home. Small additions, like blanket baskets, table settings, and fresh towels, can make a huge difference in the appeal of a room. In some instances, however, you may have to consider buying new furniture that better fits a room. Do not forget about the outside of your home as well. Freshly cut grass, freshly painted shutters, and nice landscaping can go a long way! You want your home to look as appealing as possible both inside and out!
  5. Hire a professional photographer
    At Mathews Realty we will market your home and get it in front of the RIGHT buyers. It will be listed on multiple different listing channels and marketed on our social media platforms. Not only will market your home well, we will provide you with our professional guidance on pricing your home and negotiating offers.

Contact us today to get started! We’re looking forward to working with you in this new year. (936)598-7800

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