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5 Ways To Decrease Your Electric Bill In The Summertime

Nest thermostat in home

Summer in Texas is known for its scorching heat and high electricity bills. The constant use of air conditioning and other electronic devices can cause your monthly electricity bill to skyrocket. However, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption and lower your electric bill. Here are five ways to decrease your electric bill in the summertime!

  1. Use your air conditioner wisely: Turning up your thermostat by a few degrees or using a programmable thermostat can help save on energy costs. When you know you will not be home, consider cutting up your AC a several degrees higher than you typically would. Another way to use your AC wisely is to regularly change your air filter, which can help ensure that your AC is pulling in clean air and not working harder than it needs to.
  2. Utilize natural lighting: Open your blinds and curtains during the day to allow natural light to enter your home. This can help reduce the need for artificial lighting and lower your electricity bill.
  3. Take advantage of off-peak hours: Many electric companies offer lower rates during off-peak hours, such as overnight or on weekends. Consider running appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine during these times to save money on your electric bill.
  4. Cook outdoors: Cooking indoors on a hot summer day can cause your home’s temperature to rise and your air conditioner to work harder. Consider using your grill or outdoor cooking equipment to keep indoor temperatures down and reduce your energy usage.
  5. Install energy-efficient lighting and appliances: Replacing old light bulbs with LED bulbs and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances can help reduce energy consumption and lower your electric bill. Look for appliances with the Energy Star label, as they have been certified to meet energy efficiency guidelines.

By implementing these simple tips, you can cut down on your energy usage and decrease your electric bill during the hot summer months in Texas. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be doing your part to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint. We are here for you at Mathews Realty! If you have any questions about buying or selling your home, please reach out to us!

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