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Vickie Horton

Vickie  Horton
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    Vickie Horton, the esteemed receptionist at Mathews Realty, brings a wealth of experience and a genuine love for working with the public. With four years of dedicated service at Mathews Realty, Vickie has become an integral part of the team, considering her colleagues not just co-workers, but family.

    Throughout her life, Vickie has embraced the value of hard work, starting her professional journey at the age of 16. Her diverse work experiences have shaped her into a well-rounded professional, but it is her role at Mathews Realty that holds a special place in her heart. Vickie considers her position at Mathews Realty as the best job she has ever had, feeling truly blessed to be part of such a remarkable team.

    Vickie’s dedication extends beyond the office walls. Family holds an immeasurable significance in her life. With two sons, eight grandchildren, and a great grandson with a great granddaughter on the way, Vickie’s family brings immense joy and fulfillment. The bond she shares with her family is a testament to their unwavering support for one another, and Vickie cherishes the love and closeness they share.

    With her warm and welcoming demeanor, Vickie ensures that every visitor and client who walks through the doors of Mathews Realty feels valued and attended to. Her commitment to providing exceptional service, coupled with her love for meeting new people, allows her to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone she encounters.

    Vickie Horton’s dedication to her role as the receptionist at Mathews Realty, her love for her colleagues, and the deep connection she shares with her family reflect her genuine and compassionate nature. Her invaluable contributions contribute to the success and warmth of the Mathews Realty experience.

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