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The Benefits Of Working With A Realtor During The Buying Process

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With the latest technology for searching for homes at the tips of your fingertips, it’s easy to think about forgoing a realtor when buying a home – however, we strongly encourage the opposite.

From selecting your dream home to signing the closing paper, we have the knowledge and resources to help you buy the PERFECT home for your family with ease.

Listed below is exactly what we will do for you throughout the buying process.

  1. Point You In The Direction Of Local Lenders
    It’s extremely important to set a budget before you start the buying process in order to know exactly how much house you can afford. We will connect you with reliable local lenders who will assist you in the pre-approval process.
  2. Give You a Realistic Look At What You Can Afford
    We want you in the best possible house for your family! After your pre-approval, we will start to discuss your wishlist for your home and decide if those items fit within the budget for your home.
  3. Send You Home As Soon As They’re Available
    After knowing exactly what you’re looking for in a home, we will send homes directly to your inbox that meet your criteria when they become available. No more refreshing Zillow every hour – we have you covered!
  4. Prepare A Competitive Market Analysis
    This helps you determine what your home will likely sell for in the future and allows you to put in the most competitive offer possible.
  5. We Have The Paperwork Covered
    We’ll complete all the paperwork, and prepare a contract with you so you can submit your offer to the seller with ease. We’ll give you advice on making the offer look more appealing than others to the seller!
  6. Manage Your Timeline
    There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to buying a home, and we will help you manage it all. From delivering the option fee and reviewing the title policy, to connecting you with inspectors and home warranty providers we’re here for your every step of the way!

If you’re ready to take the next step in buying your dream home – give us a call today to get connected with one of our experienced realtors (936)598-7800.

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